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Building Closed Through January 20, 2021

Due to the multiple cases of COVID, NYC Test + Trace Corps (T2) and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) have determined that the building must remain closed through 1/20/2021 while implementing a 10 day closure. The building will re-open on 1/21/21. Please see the attached letter. 我获悉,由于发生了多个COVID,NYC Test + Trace Corps(T2)和NYC卫生与心理卫生部(DOHMH)已确定该建筑物必须在实施1/20/2021之前保持关闭状态 关闭10天。 该建筑物将于1/21/21重新开放。 请参阅附件信。 Me han informado que debido a los […]

24 Hour Closure Extension

The 24 hour building closure has been extended through 1/12/21. Please see the attached letter. 24小时关闭大楼的时间延长到1/12/21。 请参阅附件信。 El cierre del edificio de 24 horas se ha extendido hasta el 1/12/21. Consulte la carta adjunta. Круглосуточное закрытие здания продлено до 21.01.21. См. Прилагаемое письмо. تم تمديد إغلاق المبنى لمدة 24 ساعة حتى 1/12/21. يرجى الاطلاع على الرسالة […]

24 Hour Building Closure on 1/11/2021

Dear PS 205 families,  Due to multiple unlinked, confirmed cases of COVID-19 your school building will be CLOSED for 24 hours to conduct an investigation. Our school building will be closed Monday 1/11/21. All students will be remote for the day. Please see the attached document for details. 由于有多个相互关联的,已确认的COVID-19案例,您的教学楼将关闭24小时进行调查。 我们的教学楼将于21年1月1日星期一关闭。 当天所有学生都将处于偏僻状态。 有关详细信息,请参见附件。 Debido a múltiples casos confirmados y no vinculados de COVID-19, el […]

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Arrival/ Dismissal Time & Location

Pre-Kindergarten8:40AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)1:45PM
Kindergarten8:30AMBack door by kitchen (Exit 5)1:50PM
Grade 18:30AMCourtyard 67th Street (Exit 8)1:50PM
Grade 28:30AM67th Street side door (Exit 2)1:50PM
Grade 38:30AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)1:55PM
Grade 48:30AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to courtyard 67th
Street (Exit 6)
Grade 58:30AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to 68th Street(Exit 4)
Bus Students8:30AM68th Street side door (Exit 3)1:45PM
Barrier Free Students8:30AMFront Door1:45PM
map of arrival and dismissal locations

Student Lunch Times

For our in-person learning students:

210:04 – 10:51
310:51 – 11:38
411:38 – 12:25
512:25 – 1:12

For our remote learning students:

Any child working remotely can pick up a grab and go breakfast and lunch from the door in the schoolyard on 67th street. Times: 9-12 every day. This is for PS 205 students only that are learning remotely online.