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Pre-Register for Tueday Night’s PTA Election Meeting

The PTA elections will be held Tuesday night at 7 o’clock. For this meeting all families must pre-register here using your student’s OSIS (9 digit ID) number. You can find the OSIS number in your account, or you can email for help!

Teacher Appreciation Shout Outs!

Thank a teacher today! The DOE All Star program is a way to say thank you to all the teachers and staff at our school. If you’d like to thank a teacher, go to the DOE All-Stars tool today!

Family Workshop Tonight!

Join us tonight for our elevate education workshop on Overcoming Procrastination!


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Arrival/ Dismissal Time & Location

Pre-Kindergarten8:00AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)2:40PM
Kindergarten8:00AMBack door by kitchen (Exit 5)2:40PM
Grade 18:00AMCourtyard 67th Street (Exit 8)2:45PM
Grade 28:00AM67th Street side door (Exit 2)2:45PM
Grade 38:00AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)2:50PM
Grade 48:00AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to courtyard 67th
Street (Exit 6)
Grade 58:00AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to 68th Street(Exit 4)
Bus Students8:00AM68th Street side door (Exit 3)2:35PM
Barrier Free Students8:00AMFront Door

Entrance and Exit Map

Student Lunch Times

Kindergarten11:56 – 12:51
Grade 112:55-1:50
Grade 210:57-11:52
Grade 310:57-11:52
Grade 412:55-1:50
Grade 511:56-12:51