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Plum Blossoms Watercolor with class 4-405, 4-406, and 5-407!

Check out the amazing trip that Ms. Myrah, Ms. D’Alora, and Ms. Rizzo’s classes are doing with the China Institute! It is about Plum Blossoms, Spring, and how they relate to Chinese Culture. It is a watercolor painting workshop.

Vote In-Person for CCEC Elections

Next week, the New York City Department of Education will be hosting what we hope will be the largest online municipal election in history – the 2021 Citywide and Community Education Council Elections!    This year, more than one million parents are eligible to vote, and we are encouraging you to vote through your online NYCSA account in the comfort of your own homes. While we expect most families […]


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Arrival/ Dismissal Time & Location

Pre-Kindergarten8:40AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)1:45PM
Kindergarten8:30AMBack door by kitchen (Exit 5)1:50PM
Grade 18:30AMCourtyard 67th Street (Exit 8)1:50PM
Grade 28:30AM67th Street side door (Exit 2)1:50PM
Grade 38:30AMCourtyard 68th Street (Exit 7)1:55PM
Grade 48:30AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to courtyard 67th
Street (Exit 6)
Grade 58:30AMSchoolyard Auditorium Door
closest to 68th Street(Exit 4)
Bus Students8:30AM68th Street side door (Exit 3)1:45PM
Barrier Free Students8:30AMFront Door1:45PM
map of arrival and dismissal locations

Student Lunch Times

For our in-person learning students:

210:04 – 10:51
310:51 – 11:38
411:38 – 12:25
512:25 – 1:12

For our remote learning students:

Any child working remotely can pick up a grab and go breakfast and lunch from the door in the schoolyard on 67th street. Times: 9-12 every day. This is for PS 205 students only that are learning remotely online.