Welcome to P.S. 205, The Clarion School, where general and special education blend together in perfect harmony.

  • We are a Pre-K to 5th-grade barrier-free school located at 6701 20th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York in NYCDOE District #20.
  • Our school community is made up of a diverse population of students, teachers, and paraprofessionals who work hard to create strong confident and independent learners. P.S. 205 is a large school with a mix of general ed., special ed., and G&T Classes.
  • We also have citywide approved ACES classes that includes a working coffee shop.
  • We have many departmentalized classes in grades 2-5 and use the Integrated Model for our ENL students.
  • We use the workshop model in ELA and Math, and designed our own ELA Curriculum based on the NYSCCLS.
  • We utilize “Math In Focus” for math instruction and the “Independent Investigation Model” is used to teach students how to do research in content areas.
  • Besides the large use of technology and Arts programs (see Arts & Technology Section) offered to all students we have 3 physical education teachers and we are a Move To Improve All Star School.
  • Our Library has the largest collection of online interactive books. Each class receives a Book of the Month to foster community in school and at home.
  • We host the Brooklyn Chinese American Association After school Program along with our own Academic and Enrichment Clubs to teach the whole child.

We have incorporated Mindfulness and Growth Mindset to help students grow socially, emotionally and academically. Explore all that our school community has to offer through the links below!