Welcome to our COVID-19 information page! Below you’ll find all the critical information about our approach to learning this school year and other resources to make this a success together.

We are doing everything we can to make sure our students, staff, and families are safe.


Safety Overview

  • Masks – are required for all individuals in the building
  • Hand washing – will be supported by teacher in the classroom, students will wash their hands as soon as they enter the school. There will be cleaning stations set up throughout the school.
  • Physical distancing – Students and staff must maintain six feet of physical distancing throughout the school day, anywhere on school grounds and to and from school.
  • Weekly School-based Testing – is mandatory for all Gr. 1-5 blended learning students and school staff.
  • If student/teacher/staff or a family member has COVID or symptoms of COVID – All students and teachers in the classroom with the confirmed case are assumed close contacts and will be instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days since their last exposure to that case.
    • If there’s more than one case in a school, and it’s not in the same classroom, learning will continue remotely and the school building will close for at least 24 hours while NYC Test + Trace and NYC Health investigate. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, affected classrooms or the whole building will remain closed for 14 days for quarantine.
  • Directions for local COVID testing – School staff will get tested before school opens and monthly during the school year. Families can also get free testing at 34 city-run clinics.
  • Visitors: No visitors in building except for parents/guardians of students who need to be picked up

Precautions Taken by PS 205

  • Changes in class sizes – our class sizes will reflect social distancing rules (as of now there will be about 9 students and 1 adult in each classroom).
  • Improvements in ventilation – HVAC system has passed inspected.
  • Increase in cleaning frequency – Schools will be cleaned throughout the day and disinfected each night, with special attention to high-touch areas.
  • Face coverings, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies will be readily available in throughout every school.
  • School-based team ready to respond in the event that there is a health concern in a school.
  • If a child is sick: There will be a designated isolation room for use in the event that a student becomes ill during the school day.
  • Changes in traffic flow – Students will be in their own classroom through the day.
  • Random temperature checks – will be done according to City guidelines


Free Meals


We will also be sending email updates. If you are not on the email list, please see ‘key contacts’ to sign up!

Key Contacts


DOE Student Accounts

How to create your DOE student account

Google Classrooms

How to login to Google Classrooms


Here is a list of the resources that you can use at home and the log in information. You can also use your own log in information.

raz kids or kids a-z
Kids A-Z (Username: ps205student
Password: ps205)
brainpop logo
Brainpop (Username: ps205
Password: computer)
freedom flix logo
Freedom Flix (Username: ps205usa
Password: computer)
brainpop jr. logo
Brainpop Jr. (Username: ps205
Password: computer)
bookflix logo
BookFlix (Username: ps205c
Password: home)

capstone logo
Capstone Interactive Libraries (Username: ps205
Password: school)
epic! logo
Epic! (School code: qst4774)

newsela logo
Newsela (School code: BNPJ83)

pebble go logo
Pebble Go
discovery logo
Discovery (School code: AF68-1993)

trueflix logo
TrueFlix (Username: ps205c
Password: home)

starfall logo
Starfall (Username:
Password: gradekto3)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are masks required for students? – Yes, unless there is a health or other issue.
  • How are students supposed to eat breakfast and lunch if they have to wear masks? – Mask will be taken off for meals, with social distancing still strictly enforced.
  • How do they share materials in the classroom? – Each classroom will be cleaned and sanitized by our custodial staff daily. In the classroom, we will work with the teachers to ensure that all materials are safe to use. Each student should have their own materials.
  • What will happen when there is group work? – Social distancing will be enforced at all times even when working in groups
  • How about after school pickups? – For ex. Excel Afterschool pickup would need. to send enough personnel to pickup students from every exit (each grade has a different exit)
  • Will fully remote learning and blended learning students have the same teachers? – No, we will have classes specifically for fully remote learning students and blended learning students.
  • If I switch from blended learning to fully remote, will I have the same teacher? – No, you will be transferred to a fully remote class with a different teacher and class.
  • How will we know who is positive for COVID? – We will be following city guidelines. Families will be notified if someone in the school has tested positive.