Bottom Lines

  • Continue to provide explicit instruction in vocabulary and phonics with an emphasis on ENLs and Special Needs students.
  • Use many forms of assessment including peer and self-assessment to locate multiple entry points and scaffold instruction to support and empower student success.
  • Provide a deep understanding of mathematical strategies for problem solving across all grades.
  • Provide an inclusive environment so that all children are supported academically, socially, and emotionally.

All students can learn, just not in the same way, on the same day.


The use of the workshop model in ELA includes a mini lesson, guided practice and independent work using grade appropriate texts.  All classes do close reading using text based evidence that include a balance of informational and literary texts.  Students build content knowledge through various texts and articles during the literacy block while reading and writing from sources.  Students are grouped by need based on assessment results.  All lessons include supports for ELLs and SWDs via the use of language stems, frontloading of vocabulary as well as UDL.  Teachers plan for enrichment with challenging tasks posted during independent work.

Math practices are based on the Singapore approach using Math In Focus.  Lessons include reteach and enrichment.  Students are grouped by need based on assessment results.  The math curriculum is vertically aligned from grade to grade.  There is a focus on fluency as well as a deep understanding through application with real world problem solving.
Teachers use common language of Growth Mindset daily to set a positive social, emotional and academic tone in the classroom in order for students to approach challenging academic tasks. Classroom displays are used to reinforce this practice.

All of the ENL students are serviced through the Integrated Model. Every grade has an ENL teacher assigned to their grade who services the children while either teaching side by side with the classroom teacher while providing supports for the ENL students or teaching the ENL students the same lesson with additional supports and scaffolds to meet their language needs.

Word Study- Month By Month Phonics and Words Their Way

  • Science Fusion is used in grades k-5, and for Social Studies we use:
  • Grade 3:  Social Studies New York City, “New York History and Government”
  • Grade 4 Social Studies New York City “World Communities Now and Long Ago”
  • Grade 5 Social Studies New York City, “The United States, Canada, and Latin America”
  • Science and social studies are also integrated with ELA.

Special School Initiatives Unique to P.S. 205

  • Departmentalization
  • Organization for ENL’s- Integrated Model
  • PEACE Project- Grade 5 United Nations
  • Mindfulness- globes, app and books to support
  • Push-in AIS
  • G&T Project Based Learning
  • Marquis Studios for each grade