Update to Lost and Found Policy

Dear PS 205 Families,

Welcome back!  We hope you had a restful Winter Recess and are ready to start the new year strong.

I am writing today to inform you about a new school policy regarding our lost and found.  In order to keep our cafeteria clean and our community healthy we are going to clean out our lost and found every Friday morning.  Any lunchboxes, water bottles or accessories will be thrown away, and any clothing left over will be donated.  Please take this opportunity to write your student’s name and class on all of their belongings with permanent marker.  We try to return every item with a name on it. 

Our lost and found is located just through the doors from the main lobby in the small cafeteria. Please make sure your children look in the lost and found as soon as they notice an item is missing.  Adults are also permitted to come into the building to check the lost and found during school hours. Please come in and let the school safety agent know you are there for the lost and found.

Thank you for your understanding, and your help to keep our community safe.