Student SEL Announcement

Every Friday, 2 of our students share what they have done during their Social Emotional Learning time in class. Please come back every week to see what we have learned.

January 27, 2023. Please enjoy Steffy and Adrienne from 5-514 talk about their inspiration!

Two students standing in the principals office. One is wearing a My Little Pony hoodie and holding up 2 fingers in a peace sign. The other is wearing a PS 205 logo tshirt

January 2o, 2023. Please enjoy Leen and Jacky from class 1-301 as they talk about positive thinking!

Photo of 2 masked 
students in principal's office holding sheets of paper

January 13, 2023. Please enjoy watching Edisen and Sharon from class 4-505 give the weekly SEL announcement

Two students stand in the Principal's office holding their SEL announcement scripts

January 6, 2023. Please enjoy watching Cherry and Ethan from 1-302 give the weekly SEL announcement!

Young student in black and blue hoodies reading from a sheet of paper into a telephone receiver 
while his classmate looks on
Young student in a pink shirt with red polka dots reads from a sheet on paper into a telephone receiver

December 23, 2022. Please watch Mavis from 3-405 talk about personal responsibility and decision making!

December 16, 2022. Please watch Eason from K-201 give the SEL announcement!

Eason, a Kindergarten student, standing in front of a desk and filing cabinet in the principal's office.

December 9, 2022. Please watch Gianna from class 5-515 share her thoughts!

Gianna, a 5th grader, holding a paper with her speech in front of the windows in the principal's office

December 2, 2022. Please watch Kate and Sally from class 1-306 share their ideas!

Kate and Sally, 2 young girls holding up papers with their SEL speech on it in the principal's office in front of the large windows

November 23, 2022. Please watch Kenny from 5-407 and Nisha from 4-507

Kenny, a young boy, speaking into a telephone in front of a desk
Nisha, a young girl, speaking into a telephone in front of a desk

November 18, 2022. Please enjoy Austin from 1/2-316 and Kimora from 2-319.

3 young students standing in front of chairs in the principal's office