Respect for All Week Festivities

Dear Parents,

 Next week is Respect for All Week! Here is a schedule of our school-wide activities. You can support your children at home by emphasizing the importance of being kind and respectful to all people by accepting and celebrating our differences. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Monday, February 14Respect for All Week Kickoff Parade! PS 205 will kickoff Respect for All Week with a parade! Each child should create a small  sign showing how they will spread kindness and respect at PS 205 and in their communities. All classes will cheer on our student government as they march through the halls on the first day of Respect for All week!
Tuesday, February 15”Diversity and Inclusivity” DayWear colors of the rainbow/ tie dye to show allyship + remind our PS 205 community to be accepting and kind to people of all genders + sexual orientations + cultures + races + bodies, etc. Students can also dress in their cultural colors or clothing.
Wednesday, February 16“100 Days of School”“100 Days of School” craft/ activity on 100 ways to show kindness. 
Thursday, February 17“Celebrating Black Culture”Let’s continue to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting the contributions of Black Scholars or/and discuss the Civil Rights Movement.  There are many books and videos to discuss with the class.  The stories could be used as a way for the students to explore what is different or the same, as well as how we learn to respect/appreciate those differences.  They could write/discuss about how they relate or may have a similar experience with the characters in the videos or books, etc.  
Friday, February 18“Pajama Day” And “No one eats alone day”Wear your pajamas for a cozy, comfortable and stress-free day! During lunch or recess, sit down and eat with or play with someone new. Let’s put bullying to rest!