How to Fill Out the United States Census

  • Go online to
  • Filling it out takes five minutes or less.
  • The Census is available online in 15 languages.
  • In addition, you can complete your census over the phone by calling 844-330-2020. The Census is Safe and Private
  • The Census counts all residents, regardless of citizenship or immigration status—therefore, the Census does not include a citizenship question.
  • Even if you are undocumented, filling out the Census will not put you or your family at risk.
  • Census responses are private, protected by federal law, kept strictly confidential, and can never be used against you by a court, government agency, law enforcement authorities, or third parties like a business or your landlord. Too much is at stake for us to be undercounted, so please fill out the Census if you have not already done so, and encourage your friends and family members to do so as well! Making sure that all New Yorkers are counted is so important to guarantee a bright future for our city and our children.

Please visit the DOE website for translated letters and the most up to date information the Chancellor.