Hi PS 205 family,

Today, our fifth graders are officially graduates of PS 205! Congratulations! We know each and everyone of you are off to great things because you are a part of a “Community of Learners Who Work Hard to Excel.” We love you and wish you the very best. Please enjoy our very first Virtual Graduation below and help us celebrate our graduates!

PS 205 Virtual Graduation Video

Ceremony Order:

  • 5-506 (0:00), 5-546 (0:29), 5-510 (1:45), 5-514 (2:53), 5-208 (3:43), 5-511(3:55), 5-411(5:15), 5-526 (5:44), 5-515 (6:11), 5-516 (7:04),
  • The Star-Spangled Banner by Ms. Laventure (8:00)
  • Introduction by Assistant Principal Mr. Silverman (10:23)
  • Principal Mrs. Mandel’s Speech (12:40)
  • Salutatorian Sophie Wu’s Speech (18:18)
  • Assistant Principal Ms. Forde’s Speech (21:02)
  • Ms. Alesia’s Address (22:53)
  • Ms. Curry’s Address (23:45)
  • Ms. D’Alora’s Address (24:19)
  • “My Wish” Performance by Amanda He, Fiona Ye, Owen Ye & Jade Zhou (25:40)
  • Assistant Principal Ms. Lynch’s Speech (29:46)
  • Ms. Duffy’s Address (31:47)
  • Ms. Illnickis’s Address (32:17)
  • Ms. Mujaj’s Address (32:52)
  • “Best Days of My Life” Performance by Valentina Fazio, Amanda He, Nicole Lin, Iason Lin, Fiona Ye & Jade Zhou (34:05),
  • Ms. Myrah’s Address (40:06)
  • Ms. Orenstein’s Address (40:40)
  • Ms. Radioli’s Address (41:34)
  • Ms. Zappulla’s Address (42:14)
  • Valedictorian Ibrahim Attia’s Speech (43:24)
  • Slide Show (47:35)

Thank you to our Principal Mrs. Mandel, Assistant Principals: Ms. Forde, Mr. Silverman and Ms. Lynch, Fifth grade teachers and paras: Ms. Radioli, Ms. Alesia, Ms. Mujaj, Ms. Duffy, Ms. Zappulla, Ms. D’Alora, Ms. Illnickis, Ms. Myrah, Ms. Orenstein, Ms. Curry, Ms. Suzanne, Mr. Oleg, Ms. KeKe, Mr. Yitzhak, Ms. Salwa, Ms. Anna, Ms. Luz & Ms. Siu, Chorus teacher Ms. Laventure, and all the amazing PS 205 staff for the incredible ceremony and everything you have done for our fifth graders to get them to this point.

SPECIAL thank you to our Technology teachers Ms. Cirillo and Ms. Petro for putting together this awesome ceremony! And thank you again to Mr. Silverman for the smooth MCing (and dad jokes).