Hi PS 205 family!

Last week was packed full with fun! Check it out below:

  • We had our Grade 3 Field Day on Wednesday 5/29. Here are some pictures Class 3-516 sent in. They looked like they had so much fun! 

  • Our Band, Chorus, and Orchestra (Immediate and Advanced) performed for parents in their Spring Concert on Wednesday 5/29. They then performed for their schoolmates on Friday. They were just amazing! 

  • Our Advanced Orchestra also performed at the Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival at Kings Theater on Thursday 5/30. We are so proud! With this event, they played for an audience 3 days in a row!
  • Our third graders also visited the zoo on Friday –


  • No school tomorrow 6/4 and Thursday 6/6!

  • Friday 6/7 we have our G&T concerts. Please see the calendar!