Hi PS 205 family! We had a full week last week:

  • On Tuesday we had our Culinary workshop for our families. It was hosted by Keys to Abundant Life. We made parfaits!
  • We had our Bhangra Dance Recital on Wednesday. Our first grade classes worked really hard these few weeks to learn a new  culture and gave a wonderful performance!

  • We participated in the District 20 STEAM Fair on Thursday. Our teachers Ms. Kafkalas and Ms. Khandros brought a few of their students and their creations! 20190401_124709116_ios.jpg
  • Our Enrichment Clubs showed off their skills last Friday:

  • In class highlights: Class 4-406 invited class 1-304 to their classroom and taught them all about Colonial America!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  • NYS ELA Exam for Grades 3-5 tomorrow 4/2 and Wednesday 4/3

  • English Classes for parents tomorrow 4/2 at 2:40pm

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