You Be You by Linda Kranz!

you be you cover.jpg

A note from our principal Mrs. Mandel:

“Our March Book of the Month is “You Be You” by Linda Kranz. In the book, inquisitive Adri has been out exploring our colorful world on his own. Join him as he notices that there are so many fish in the deep blue sea and that each fish has something special to share. The pages are filled with brand new fish that bring the message of opposites, diversity and acceptance to life. You Be You inspires readers to always be themselves.

This is a beautifully illustrated book. It is all about how each of us is unique and how we should appreciate our uniqueness. Instead of following the crowd and trying to be like everyone else, being unique can help us to do different things. In terms of Growth Mindset, it teaches that if you want to do something different, you can go to people in your life and ask them to help mentor you. One part of growth mindset is being able to use resources if you cannot figure something out. This book really shows you that if you can appreciate everyone’s uniqueness, you can then use others to help you to do things in your life. This book also teaches that life is what you make it — a truly beautiful book.”

Read aloud:

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