To families applying to Middle School for September 2019,

This year the DOE has moved the middle school process online. That means each family will be able to create a MySchools account to apply to middle school. ***Deadline to apply is December 3rd, 2018***

  • You will need a accessible email address, your child’s student ID/OSIS number, and the MySchools account creation code to make your account. Creation codes will be sent home this week in your child’s backpack (10/29-11/2).
  • In the meantime, what you can do is go on the website (MySchools.nycbegin the process (input working email address and OSIS number).
  • Also, take this time to go through the middle school directories for your district. See which schools you maybe interested in. Many middle schools are having their open houses during this time. Keep an eye out for that.

Please visit this link ( if you need the middle school directories, or more information on the new middle school online process. You can also email

Below is the middle school open house schedule for District 20 and 21:

Check for your zoned school here:

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