Today’s Agenda


  • G-Suite is for staff communication, efficiency, and student access to controlled digital content
  • Drive, Gmail, Google Classroom and 3rd Party Accounts

Everyone Confirm your Google Account

  • Open and Log in: first initial+last (James Brown =

Everyone forward your new Gmail to your Schools.NYC.Gov Account

  • Open
  • Click the Settings Icon and Choose Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.30.38 AM.png and click “Settings” from the dropdown
  • Click “Forwarding POP/IMAP” at the top of the screen and choose “Add a forwarding address” 
  • Enter your email address
  • Check your email address to receive the confirmation email and click the confirmation link (you can do this later)

IDEAS: Staff “Groups” can be made to make emailing staff easier, and sharing in G-Suite easier

Everyone Open Google Drive

  • Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.43.57
  • (one person on each grade team) Create a “New Folder”
  • Name it for your Grade Level
  • Share it with your grade team colleagues
  • Everyone open that folder, drag it to My Drive
  • Everyone make a document within that grade team folder and watch the magic!!!

IDEAS: Staff stores all curriculum online in a set of shared folders; Grade teams keep minutes, curriculum maps etc. in a shared place that can be collaborated on in real time by all members at once.

Everyone Open SeeSaw and Create a Class

  • Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.38.49
  • choose “I’m a teacher”
  • choose “Teacher Sign in with Google”
  • Create a class (name it,
  • Add a few made up student names
  • Post something to the Student Journal with the big +
  • Try posting an “Activity”

IDEAS: Students post reflections for teachers, tutorials for each other, parents see student shares, teachers use this as a form of assessment and engagement

Everyone Open Google Classroom

  • Classroom.Google.Com
  • Create a new class
  • Invite to join your class
  • Try out an Announcement or Assignment for your student

IDEAS: Student teacher work sharing in real time, student peer editing, student-teacher commenting, account for use in all 3rd party apps.

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