Our Mixed Media and Theater after school programs had their showcase on May 18th. The CASA afterschool program administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council is made possible by a grant from New York Council member Kalman Yeger.

Our students had a lot of fun working with their CASA and PS 205 teachers to explore different forms of mixed media and theater. 20180518_191130861_iOS

20180518_192821749_iOS20180518_192823832_iOS20180518_193124316_iOS20180518_193633255_iOS20180518_193847263_iOS20180518_193920858_iOS20180518_193947466_iOS20180518_194110824_iOS20180518_194236760_iOS20180518_194629455_iOS20180518_194748767_iOS20180518_194812617_iOS20180518_194829801_iOS20180518_195038694_iOS20180518_195523983_iOSPlease enjoy these pictures that show our students’ hard work and efforts!

June 1, 2018

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