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Important Dates in November-December


16th – Parent Teacher
7th – Election Day No School
23-24 Thanksgiving Recess


25th-January 1st – Winter Break, Return to School on January 2nd


In November, we will continue to work on Informational texts (Non Fiction). The children will be exploring many texts and learning comprehension strategies that meet the new common core standards. Please read with your child each evening and ask questions about what they have read. Also review with them the reading strategy that they have for homework every night. The children will be tested on the strategies they learn.

Social Studies

Third grade students will learn to explore countries around the world. Italy was our first country and next stop we will take a trip to China. Gifted and talented will be researching Peru.
Tip: Go to library and research topics on Italy, China, and Peru.


In Writer’s Workshop we will continue to work on a researched based program called IIM-Independent Investigation method, which teaches students how to research. IIM will help the children utilize the information learned to write their Reports of information on Italy. The children will utilize the facts researched to produce their reports of information! ENL The push- in model for ENL teacher supports the work of the classroom teacher in all genres of learning how to speak, read, and write in English.


The topics in our Fusion Program we will be covering are: the scientific method, matter, and energy. 


We continue to utilize Math and Focus with a concentrate on mental math and estimation, adding up to 10,000, and subtracting to 10,000. The students will learn the skills to solve math problems. We will also continue to provide lessons on problem-solving. Have your child study their multiplication facts every night.
Tip: Review your child’s homework each night.